About Ammerlaan Construction B.V.


Ammerlaan Construction B.V. is able to carry out advice about your plans and offers a complete range of services; from the preparation of projects (authorization application) up to the final delivery.


Our customer base consists of flower and vegetable growers, tree nurseries, breeding companies, plant nurseries, universities and horticultural colleges. In other words: our customers are from all segments in horticulture. For this, not only standardized greenhouses are built, but also very innovative ones, and they are customized to the customer’s wishes completely. Moreover, we build garden centers and business properties, which all include architectural resources.

Our infinite endeavor to absorb innovations into our products has provided us with a prominent position. With regard to the many cultivation techniques, we possess great professionalism as a result of a continuing cooperation with research institutions. 

Our mission


Our mission is to be a loyal, trustworthy supplier of innovative, highly-qualitative and tailor-made greenhouses. We offer durable solutions and services in the greenhouses, to provide them with the right conditions, in order to receive a perfect climate for vegetation.

To never risk being a threat to one’s safety, our products and services always meet the highest safety precautions and quality requirements

Ammerlaan Construction B.V. strives for durability in all its professional practices on the whole.

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