Maurice Kassenbouw B.V. was founded in 1948 by Jac Janssen from Metric, a small village near Horst. In this year, the Janssen family had several small businesses, like: a building contractor company, furniture company, painting business, etc.. With their family companies, they were able to do business in the region very well. Up until 1982 it remained like this, and the business didn’t count more than 5 heads.


In 1982, Aad Ammerlaan appeared in the picture, took over Maurice Kassenbouw B.V.

After his take-over, the main activity became building greenhouses. These were also the golden years in the region of South-East Holland; the business was able to grow and one of the biggest horticultural businesses emerged. In a little town called Metric, 4 hectare of greenhouse was built. The extent of the scale of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture grew steadily, and Maurice Kassenbouw B.V. took a great part in this.


In January 1988, the new company building was built, and Maurice Kassenbouw B.V. has not moved elsewhere ever since. The first machine was bought in 1989: an automatic sawing machine. It all went very fast from then on; in 1994/1995, there was an expansion in the production hall, and in 1998 the office building became too small so an extra floor was needed. In 2004, an additional piece of land on the back of the building was bought on which the fourth addition of the production hall and a big outside area for storage and transshipment for goods could rest.


Because the company was growing and a big market flowered within the European Union, Ammerlaan Construction B.V. was founded alongside Maurice Kassenbouw B.V., in order to meet with the demands of foreign customers. Today’s market not only restricts to Europe, but expands to diverse countries all over the world: Dutch greenhouses have demonstrated their quality and power.

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