Service is an approved part of Ammerlaan Construction B.V. In our opinion, customers will only be satisfied when the aftercare of our products is in good hands and qualitatively as high as the product itself.

The power of our service is carried out through the people. Flexible coworkers who understand the importance of setting priorities, improvising, and taking own initiative under the strongly changing weather conditions. That’s why we’re always at the right place at the right time, even though that means outside office hours or during weekends. We make the customer’s issues ours, and won’t rest until an adequate solution is found. With this, we give out a business card for the whole company.



Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the weather conditions. Storms and winter times appear sometimes, and despite the powerful improvements that have been conducted during the last couple of years, negative consequences are not always to be excluded. That’s why we can only learn from this, and make sure we take precautions so that damage cannot occur again.


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