Ammerlaan Construction at 'Floriade 2012'


At the entrance, next to the ‘Innovatower’ currently rises a beautiful glass greenhouse. This greenhouse is a design of architect Huib Koman. And the construction building is done by Ammerlaan Construction B.V. 


The Floriade 2012 opens her doors at the 5th of April and at the same time this mini garden center will open its doors. As selling area there is 650 m2 inside and 650 m2 outside available. When the Floriade 2012 ends also the garden center will stop and Ammerlaan Construction shall take down the glass greenhouse. For those interested here are some technical details:

  • Bay size:        4,80 m.
  • Section size:   4,80 m.
  • Spud height:   4,00 m. 
  • approximately 700 m2


  • Walkable aluminium gutter
  • 16 mm. Polycarbonate plates in the roof
  • Facades provided with 6,00 mm laminated glass
  • Canopy sheet piling
  • 3-pane roof windows

After the Floriade 2012 the glass greenhouse will be offered for sale by Ammerlaan Construction. The glass greenhouse is of a very high quality and usable for multiple purposes. The glass greenhouse meets the safety requirements which apply to all public spaces and is also approved by the fire department. Everyone is free to visit the glass greenhouse at the Floriade 2012. For those interested are free to contact us. 


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