Ammerlaan Construction build South Germany's largest organic greenhouse complex

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The largest organic greenhouse complex of Southern Germany is in Aach (Baden Württemberg), and last week began its official operation. It is expected that yearly 2 million organic cucumbers and 300,000 kilo of organic tomatoes will be grown. Receivers of these products are the project partners Bioland and Edeka. 

Bioland horticulturist Benjamin Wagner from Reichenau has invested five million Euro in the greenhouse complex. Lack of space in the vegetable island of Reichenau was a reason for moving to the mainland and the proximity of a biogas plant was second. Surplus heat from the installation was, until now, not used but soon the heat will be used to warm the plants.
Two thirds of the required water will be provided from captured rain water. Economical use of energy is part of the ecological product concept. At the same time production costs will significantly decrease.

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