Ammerlaan Construction nominated for the 'Innovation award 2012'

innovation award


  • Eleven nominations. 

The international jury of experts has nominated eleven innovations for the Horti Fair Innovation Award. The ultimate winner will be announced on Tuesday 30 October, the first day of the trade fair being held in the Amsterdam RAI up to and including 2 November. The jury notes that suppliers to horticulture are continuing to innovate and invest, despite the unrelenting economic climate. A total of more than one hundred new products and services are being introduced at the coming Horti Fair.

Horti Fair is the international horticultural trade show for technology, innovation and inspiration and the coming edition promises to live up to these aims. On 30 October the winner of the prestigious Innovation Award will be presented with a cheque to the value of € 2,500.00 for the next edition of the Horti Fair, as well as being assured of international attention and publicity. In addition to the Innovation Award, the Press Award will also be presented for the most striking new product in the eyes of the international horticultural press.

  • Investing and innovating.

A remarkable number of entries are follow-on developments of the concept of the Closed Greenhouse and elaborate on Cultivation New Style. So the focus is on saving energy and increasing efficiency, production and quality,’’ concludes Geert van Oosterhout (director LTO Groeiservice), the chairman of the international jury of experts. The other members of the jury are Jeroen van Buren (Manager Horticulture at DLV Plant BV), Heinrich Dressler (Gb Das Magazin für Zierpflanzenbau, Germany), Cor van de Kaay (vegetable grower), Linda Kaluzny-Pinon (Culture Legumière, France), Frank Kempkes (technical researcher at University and Research Centre Wageningen UR, Greenhouse Horticulture), Leo Marcelis (Professor in Crop Production in low-energy greenhouses at Wageningen UR), Eric Moor (pot plant grower) and Steven Vale (Commercial Greenhouse Grower Magazine, Great Britain). 



,,Horticulture is continuing to develop and we are also seeing more cooperation on innovation. This is also due to the high level of investment,’’ explains Van Oosterhout. 




  • Ammerlaan Construction B.V. (stand no. 11.0412) 

Air & Energy greenhouse with LT heating

The Air & Energy greenhouse means it is currently possible not just to ventilate a greenhouse, but to heat it as well. Until now, higher temperatures could not be blown inside with the hose system. The use of the reheater in the hose makes it possible to uniformly blow a higher temperature inside.

Jury: ,,An example of follow-on development that increases the efficiency of heating systems by means of LT (Low Temperature) heating. Also offers benefits when used with waste heat and geothermal energy.’’


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