CLIM-V greenhouse


The CLIM-V greenhouse is meant for crops which are outside during the summer, and which need to be inside during the winter for their protection. It’s a greenhouse that is unique because of its patented open-roof construction.

Glass offers towards existing systems like cloths, foils, and synthetic fibers a more wear-out free and anti-ageing construction. In the CLIM-V greenhouses, a cooling capacity of 0 to 100% and an equal inside and outside temperature can be reached. With this, tree plantations can diminish the fallout ratio

Tree plantations can diminish the fallout-ratio towards acceptable percentages and horticultural farmers save a great amount of time and labor with the import and export of crops in a greenhouse.

In addition, applied in garden centers, the CLIM-V greenhouse, has the advantage of being in contact with the open air, which the public usually enjoys.


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