ZON greenhouse


The ZON-greenhouse is a patented design by Ammerlaan Construction B.V. and contributes to a decrease of energy use in the greenhouse. Because of the integrated screen package, a light profit of at least 5% is attainable in comparison with a standardized VENLO-greenhouse.

The greenhouse is built so that the trellis girder is placed underneath the gutter. This makes the gutter more stable and creates more light in the greenhouse. Because the gutter is more stable, one is able to bridge longer distances. This enables larger glass surfaces, which eventually enables a bigger implosion of light.

Another example is the “energy screen system”. The screen package runs from gutter to gutter and is absorbed into its shadow course. This naturally creates more light as well.  As a main element, each compartment of the greenhouse is separately closed to make cold air circulation impossible. Not only does this create more light, it also ensures a better climate in the greenhouse.


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