We have proven to be innovative in the past. By means of the ZON-greenhouse and the CLIM-V greenhouse we have created the basis for our newest innovations. The recent innovations of Ammerlaan Construction B.V. are based on the ‘new farming’.

We recently had an interview with Jan Jansse, researcher of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Holticulture. Jansse investigates the ‘new farming’, and tries to finds out what this means and what this has to offer us in the future. Read the complete interview.

We find it very important that farmers and growers can compete with the help of the newest techniques. By amply saving gas and energy, our customers remain in a well-competing position.

By being nominated numerous times for the ‘innovations award’ on, amongst other things, the Horti Fair, we always want to reach the highest possible in order provide our customers with the highest quality products.

Several innovations in the last couple of years have been:

  • Venlow Energy Kas With which up to 65% savings of gas can be reached. You can find an experimental set-up at the Innovation and DemoCenter on the property of Wageningen UR in Bleiswijk.
    You can read an article by Dhr. Ted Duivestijn, who owns a tomato plantation in Pijnacker, on the website www.energiek2020.nu. He is very optimistic about the Venlow Energy Greenhouse and what is possible with this in the future. If you would like to know how a colleague farmer feels about our innovations, please read the full article.
  • Air & Energy Greenhouse With the newest innovation by Ammerlaan Construction B.V. the consumption of gas as well as the energy consumption is diminished so that it’s a very interesting investment for the modern farmer/grower. The system is a combination and improvement of all former innovations.
    Have you become interested in the ‘Air & Energy Greenhouse’, you can read the folder in which the system is made clear as good as possible. If you would like more information about the system, please feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.
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