Aldenhoff GbR, Schermbeck - Germany

In 2011 we were honored to deliver approximately 12.000 m2of 12,80 m of VENLO-greenhouse with plantation tables to Aldenhoff GbR.

Aldenhoff Konstruktion.JPG Aldenhoff Korridor.JPG IMG_0482 IMG_0479 IMG_0477 DSC00138 DSC00141 DSC00143 DSC00099 DSC00101 DSC00102 DSC00104 DSC00137 DSC00135 DSC00131 DSC00130 DSC00129 DSC00127 DSC00126 DSC00125 DSC00121 DSC00116 DSC00115 DSC00113 DSC00111 DSC00107 DSC00106
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