Air & Energy

To achieve an optimal, homogeneous and active growing climate, we have developed the Air & Energy climate control system. With the Air & Energy system, the humid air is extracted from the greenhouse. It allows you to cultivate with closed screen(s) and windows. The Air & Energy Greenhouse guarantees significant energy savings and an active growing climate in the greenhouse. With the Air & Energy Greenhouse, you can save up to 40% on energy compared with traditional greenhouses. Besides the advantages for you, it will also benefits the environment. Until now we have installed this type of greenhouse for more than 200 hectares in a variety of crops at various climate zones.

The advantages of Air & Energy:

  • Possible energy savings up to 40%
  • Increased uniformity of the greenhouse climate in each layer
  • An active growth climate during the vegetative growth phase of your crops
  • Reduced pressure of pests and diseases, so fewer pesticides are needed
  • Reduced use of bumblebees by up to 30%
  • A saving on CO2 because of equal air flow
  • Better ergonomic working conditions employees in greenhouse, especially on extremely sunny days
  • Re-use condensation water Air & Energy units
  • Re-use of heat from assimilation lighting (LED and / or HPS)
  • Minimizing light emission to the environment by growing with closed screens
  • Increased production of 5-15%

TopAir: For warm climate zones

The TopAir system is a supplement to the Air & Energy system. TopAir has been developed for climate zones with extremely high temperatures and low moisture content. The system ensures a cool and even air flow above the crop without affecting ventilation and recirculation flows. The system also ensures that the greenhouse temperature is evenly lowered. TopAir can be performed in combination with high pressure misting for conditioning the air, depending on the circumstances.

Innovation: Eye for improvement

We are constantly improving our products, in order to assist you getting the maximum capacity out of your greenhouse. With these innovations we are ready for the demand and ecologic developments in the future. 

More  information about Air & Energy?

For more details, please check the video. We are also looking forward to invite you for a visit at one of our realized Air & Energy projects, in order to show you the system in real life.

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Sustainability: Eye for the environment

Sustainability is a very important item for Ammerlaan Construction. Because of that, we have set up our own production and processes on a sustainable manner as well. A perfect example is our Air & Energy system, which achieve significant energy savings in the greenhouse. Besides, our delivered end products contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, prepared by the United Nations.