To maximise the yield and performance of your crops, creating the right greenhouse climate is vital. Together with our partner Cogas Climate Control we have all the expertise to advise you on all relevant aspects and to realise your needs. The optimal climate is determined by a variety of factors. By the right combination of it, you will significantly increase your efficiency. We analyse the climate data at your planned building location. In combination with the information from your crops, we offer you appropriate advice based on your unique situation. 

Greenhouse climate: We optimise the photosynthesis process

  • Assimilation lighting influence the climate in the greenhouse. Using artificial lighting or grow lights, such as LED and / or HPS, will extend the growing season. Because assimilation lighting influences the greenhouse climate, it is essential to configure the lighting correctly. Together with our partner we install LED lighting as interlighting and toplighting. We can provide you with the necessary advice to make cultivation under artificial light succesfull.
  • We also install heating systems that are optimally adapted for your situation. Heating systems are available in a variety of configurations by using different fuels. In cooperation with you, we develop a sustainable heating system which create the best climate for your crops.
  • In addition to heating, cooling systems can also play a significant role in the greenhouse climate. Using the right cooling system will increase your efficiency by reaching the same quality of your crops.
  • Water is a key factor for photosynthesis. Especially the water quality and quantity are very important. We design a custom made plan based on the cultivation location, crop, water sample and available facilities.
  • To ensure that all systems function properly, a relaible electrical installation is required. We calculate and install all required cables and switch panels. We take local electronic specifications into account. All systems are connected and controlled by a climate computer.

Air & Energy

Our own developed Air & Energy system, creates an optimal climate for crop growth and has the benefit of saving up to 40% on energy consumption. 

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