Screen installations: increase the efficiency of your greenhouse - We supply screen installations with many advantages. For example, screens can be installed and used to regulate different climate parameters such as: The absolute moisture balans, sunlight radiation, the CO2 content and the temperature. Next to responding dynamically on seasonal changes, (summer and winter) there are a variety of options with climate screens.

Screening installations: a range of possibilities

We can supply various screen installations, which can be modified to suit your specifics. For example:

  • Horizontal screens - The most used screening system that can be installed in multiple layers. Ideal for saving energy, containing assimilation lighting, light distribution, reducing light intensity and solar reflection. Within this category there are a variety of options to suit your crops and the specific climatic conditions you require.
  • Gable screens - For energy saving and containing or reflecting assimilation lighting.
  • Twin gable - This system is used to separate the greenhouse in different compartments or to create different climate zones.
  • Insect netting - Reduce disease pressure and keep out insects from entering the greenhouse. Keeping beneficial insects like bees and bumblebees in the greenhouse but preventing pests like thrips and aphids is very important.

An important component of the screening installation is the type of cloth. We can advise you in choosing the right cloth type for your crop, based on the (seasonal) climate conditions, type of cultivation and your specific situation.