Greenhouse construction

Greenhouse construction: years of knowledge and experience - We have more than 75 years of experience and knowledge in greenhouse constructions. From standardised projects to tailor made designs. We support you during the entire process and take for example cost and the sustainability aspects of your product into consideration. So you will always achieve the optimum yield with your new greenhouse.

Venlo Kas

VENLO greenhouse

This is the standard type used in greenhouse horticulture. We design, produce and realise the Venlo greenhouse in various roof and bay dimensions and with different ventilation options. The possibilities are endless.

ZON kas

ZON greenhouse

This greenhouse is a unique concept of Ammerlaan Construction. Thanks to the special constrcution, it will reduce your energy consumption and increases the light penetration, with creating a pleasant climate in the greenhouse. The ZON greenhouse represents a gain in natural light of 5% compared to a VENLO greenhouse.

Cabrio Kas

Cabrio greenhouse

The CABRIO greenhouse is characterised by its multifunctional usability and a ventilation capacity of almost 100%, by a fully opened roof. It is often used to harden off crops and to propagate or grow your plants for the production of vegetables and leafy greens.


Widespan greenhouse

The characteristics of this greenhouse are defined by its large volume. It has an efficient working area and is especially suitable for internal transport systems. Equipped with continuous ridge ventilation, the greenhouse can achieve a very high ventilation performance.

Air & Energy kas

AIR & ENERGY greenhouse

This greenhouse guarantees high efficiency (low energy consumption) and an active climate that stimulates growth. The result is a higher production output with lower production costs under sterile and hygienic conditions. This reduces the disease pressure in the greenhouse and increases the shelf life of the crop.


SOLAR greenhouse

The greenhouse with a special roof system suitable for the use of laminated solar panels. We have developed a solar roof system for dual use, which has been approved by the major insurers. The proportion between the number of solar panels and the amount of standard roof glass in combination with various roof ventilation types can be chosen per project. The solar greenhouse can be completely customized for each application.