Wim Peters Kwekerijen (NL) Reference project

Wim Peters Kwekerijen (NL)

Wim Peters Nurseries is a family business that produce, grows and packs Roma-tomatoes and other special/exclusive tomato varieties on 16 hectares in Someren (NL). The company is progressive, independent and forward-looking and sees many opportunities for growing tomatoes. The entrepeneur makes as much use as possible of the latest sustainable techniques for optimum results and the best quality tomatoes. An example is the LED interlighting, which enables to produce year-round, more energy-efficient and more productively.

Just 2,5 years ago a hailstorm destroyed the entire greenhouse in just 2 minutes. That was a reason for a new beginning. Wim Peters opted for complete new greenhouse construction, using the latest techniques that meet all environmental requirements; a modern greenhouse with diffuse glass, a 7 meter high greenhouse for a better climate, vertical fans and LED interlighting.

Ammerlaan Construction respects the resilience of the company. We are happy that we were able to help the family company Wim Peters with a new start (16 hectares in 2016).

  • Wim Peters Kwekerijen (NL)
  • Wim Peters Kwekerijen (NL)